8 Natural, Science-backed Tips to Improve Your Sleep


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Running on little sleep seems to be a rite of passage that most of us grow into. It’s one of our favorite watercooler topics. Yet, it’s also a huge detriment to our overall health. 

There are so many factors that can take a toll on your sleep quality. Not all of them you have control over but learning about the ones you do and making the necessary changes could be the difference between health and sickness. 

There’s society’s most accepted drug – caffeine, that comes with quarter-life staying power. That means drinking a cup at 12pm guarantees a quarter of that caffeine still hanging out in your system at midnight. And caffeine doesn’t just come from coffee. Chocolate, ice cream, even pain relievers. 

Then there are things like sleep pressure, circadian rhythm, blue light, lack of routine and even a high reliance on sleeping pills can all mess with your sleep. 

According to the CDC, 6 hours of sleep or less, leaves you with the same level of impairment as someone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.05%. That equates to about 40% of the people you pass in your day to day, according to a recent study. The same study showed that only 19% of Americans are actually getting adequate sleep.  


Lack of sleep is also a costly detriment to the economy, with lack of sleep costing close to $411 billion a year or 2.28% of the country’s GDP. It also increases the death rate by 13%, leading to the loss of 1.2 million US workers a year. 

Natural Tips for Sleep Quality Improvement

Duffy & Duffy PLLC have put together the below resource filled with great tips that you can start implementing today.They will help you get your sleep back on track and your health under control. Your body needs it and you deserve it.