5 Things to Know Before You Ride an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters in Los Angeles are considered to be fashionable and stylish modes of transport, especially for young adults. Every year various companies produce the latest, fastest, and most stylish electric scooters models are available in Los Angeles electric scooter stores. People prefer riding an electric scooter over other modes of transportation because they are fast, sleek, portable, fashionable yet very economical. However many people ignore or are unaware of the laws regarding the usage and the safety protocols of electric scooters.

In order to avoid accidents and pedestrian fatalities, it is very important to know how to optimize the performance and safety of e scooters.

To ensure pedestrian safety and to educate the riders about safety protocols, here are five things you need to know before you ride an electric scooter:

Age Limit for Riding Electric Scooters

You must be at least 16 years old to be able to ride an electric scooter in Los Angeles. In order to legally ride an electric scooter, you must have a valid license or an instruction permit to ride in California, don’t lose your driving privileges. Among other things, you will often see electric scooters around Los Angeles, but they can only be driven by people with the proper license.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you are operating a gas or electric-powered scooter model. Though you do need a valid driver’s permit if you aren’t old enough to drive. One option for an e-scooter is to simply get a driver’s permit and take off on your route.

Safety Gear

Electric scooters

Safety gear is of utmost importance for any type of bike or electric scooter rider especially beginners. Helmet, Knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, etc provides your body a sort of cushion which protects you in case of an accident. Under the laws of California, if you are riding an electric scooter, you must always wear proper helmets. The helmet needs to be carefully adjusted too.

Anyone over the age of 18 does not have to wear a helmet because e scooters are not considered motorcycles. Young riders who are riding an electric scooter with a helmet and other protective gear are responsible riders who follow safety protocols while riding.

It is highly advisable for everyone who is riding an e scooter to wear their own properly fitted helmet and other protective gear because according to California law, individuals under 18 caught on an e scooter without a helmet can be fined $200 and given points on their driving record.

Park Carefully

Carefully and respectfully park your electric scooter to avoid offending someone or starting any kind of conflict. Respect other people’s parking spaces and be mindful of where and how you are parking your e-scooter.

If you can’t find a proper parking space, make sure to park your e scooter upright on the edge of the curb so you don’t block someone’s access or occupy others’ parking space. Also, be mindful of wheelchair users and people who need a clear path. If you find a knocked-over e-scooter, pick it up just as an act of kindness.

Ride on the Street

You can ride an electric scooter almost anywhere, but you should make sure to ride with more care, watch out for pedestrians, keep an eye on where they are and don’t cut off other vehicle traffic. Riding in bike lanes or on the shoulders of streets is okay for now, but you should pay attention to any rules that may be introduced in the future.

You must also stay away from sidewalks and beach bike paths as well as parks. If a city rule enforcement officer sees you riding your electric scooter in Los Angeles improperly it could result in a ticket or even your scooter getting towed away.

Speed Limit 

To ride your e scooter in a safe and legal way, keep your speed at 15 mph or less.  The speed limit is set to avoid grievances and prevent accidents or mishaps.

Under California law, motorized scooters that have a top speed of no more than 15 miles per hour are legal. Electric scooters can be good to commute to and from school or work etc. Going over this speed limit can result in a traffic stop and a ticket, which can cost up to $250.

The weight of the rider, brakes, pressure, lights and driving skills affect the overall control of the vehicle. It is easy to ride an electric scooter in Los Angeles but the first time rider must learn everything about the Los Angeles electric scooter they are about to ride, learn about the safety measures, protective gear, and the law regarding scooter riding.